Multi-sectoral Metsähallitus

Metsähallitus is a unique combination of commercial operations and public administration. Successfully combining environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability is at the core of Metsähallitus’ operations, which comprise four mutually supportive units.

Business operations

Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd – wellbeing and renewable raw materials from multiple-use forests

PefcMetsähallitus Forestry Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Metsähallitus and it is responsible for the sustainable management of the state-owned commercial forests, which are PEFC certified and open to multiple-use.

Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd sells and supplies about six million cubic metres of wood to sawmills and to forest and energy industry companies for bioeconomy purposes each year. The operations have significant economic impacts at regional level. Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd promotes entrepreneurship by outsourcing most of the forest management and timber harvesting work to local contractors.

It reconciles the broad range of different needs of its stakeholders and acts in a socially responsible manner by giving priority to biodiversity, recreational use of forests, reindeer husbandry, the Sámi culture and the promotion of employment.

The multiple-use forests managed by Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd are well-suited for recreational use and for commercial purposes. The forests are an ideal place for hiking, hunting and picking berries and they are also used for nature tourism, reindeer husbandry and natural products industry. Forest management accounts for about 90 per cent of the annual turnover of Metsähallitus.

Year 2017

Turnover, EUR million 296.7
Financial result, EUR million 21.2
Compensations for the right to use state-owned forests, EUR million 80
General social obligations, inputs, EUR million 53.7
Harvested timber, million m³ 5.9
Forest area where timber is harvested, % of the total 2.1
Special fellings, % of regeneration felling 15.1
Number of employees 558


Metsähallitus Property Development – added value for land and water areas

Metsähallitus Property Development is responsible for the real property owned by Metsähallitus (purchases, sales, leases and land use planning). Its task is to increase the value of state-owned land and water areas in a sustainable manner and to provide a basis for a diverse bioeconomy and local entrepreneurship.

In land use planning, consideration is given to environmental aspects and local conditions. Metsähallitus Property Development sells and leases out Laatumaa plots to consumers and it also offers plots for tourist and other commercial operators. There are plenty of different property development sites, ranging from wilderness hotels to industrial plots.

By developing wind power projects, Metsähallitus Property Development is helping Finland to achieve its climate goals. Two new wind farms were opened in state-owned land in 2017. The energy generated by the wind power plants would be enough to heat about 40,000 electrically heated detached homes each year. Metsähallitus Property Development also has business operations involving soil resources and it represents the landowner's interests in mining matters.

Furthermore, Metsähallitus Property Development is responsible for project development involving state-owned land and water areas and the development of new business. It also plays an important national role as the party administering and developing the training areas used by the Finnish Defence Forces and the Finnish Border Guard.

Year 2017

Turnover, EUR million 15.6
Operating profit, EUR million 16.5
General social obligations, inputs, EUR million 2.1
Wind power plants in state-owned land 86

sold 115

leased out 76
Number of employees 45


Parks & Wildlife Finland - Public administration services

National Parks Finland – vitality for humans and nature

National Parks Finland is responsible for Finland's state-owned nature reserves and the preservation of their natural and cultural values. All Finnish national parks and strict nature reserves, five hiking areas and 12 wilderness areas in Lapland are under the management of National Parks Finland.

National Parks Finland provides free basic services for hikers in these areas. In addition to the areas themselves, services are also available at visitor centres and on such websites as and Many nature tourism operators use Metsähallitus-owned areas and their hiking infrastructure in their business operations. Some of the visitor centres are in the process of being transferred to local entrepreneurs.

More than three million people visit Finland's national parks every year. The national parks have a major impact on the regional economy and employment: each euro invested by the government in these areas generates ten times more benefits for the regional economy.

National Parks Finland is actively seeking partners and funding for joint projects. It represents Finland’s environmental administration in international organisations and in cooperation between countries, especially with areas neighbouring Finland. It also provides information about good practices in nature conservation and nature tourism from Finland and to Finland.

Wildlife Service Finland – wilderness permits and wilderness experiences

Wildlife Service Finland provides citizens with hunting and fishing opportunities by issuing wilderness permits for state-owned land. It is also responsible for wilderness supervision in state-owned land and water areas (checking permits and ensuring that laws are observed). It also collects national fisheries management fees on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and transfers them to the ministry.

The purpose of the Wildlife Service Finland is to be a trusted authority and partner and to create a basis for sustainable use of state-owned land and water areas. It acts in a sustainable and responsible manner by considering the sustainability of the game and fish stocks when issuing permits. It communicates about its work and the impacts of its decisions in an open manner.

The benefits generated by the use of the wilderness areas manifest themselves as job opportunities and better public health. Hunting and fishing in state-owned land is particularly important as a source of employment in northern and eastern parts of Finland.

The permit revenue is channelled to the planning of sustainable use of the areas and to improvements in the habitats of game animals and fish species. The Wildlife Service Finland also promotes professional fishing by issuing permits for the purpose.

Parks & Wildlife Finland - Public administration services (National Parks Finland and Wildlife Service Finland) 2017

Funding from the state budget, EUR million 43.7
EU project funding, EUR million 4.3
Total number of visitors (national parks, state-owned hiking areas, historical sites, visitor centres and other popular destinations) 5,948,500

permits sold 53,962

fishing permits sold 82,740
Number of wilderness supervision events 10,791
Number of employees 501


Photo: Petri Jauhiainen,