Showing responsibility for the environment and society

Metsähallitus is an state-run enterprise, which produces natural resources services for a diverse customer base, ranging from private individuals to major companies. Metsähallitus manages forests and waterways that comprise one third of Finland's surface area and its task is to use, manage and protect these areas in a sustainable manner.

In addition to setting itself specific targets, Metsähallitus also aims to maximise overall benefits - ensuring the interests of society.


As part of its business operations, Metsähallitus is responsible for sustainable management and use of state-owned forests, forest tree seed production and the sales, rental and development activities concerning state-own land. Metsähallitus Property Development and Metsähallitus subsidiaries Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd, Siemen Forelia Oy and MH-Kivi Oy are the commercial operators in the Metsähallitus Group. Parks & Wildlife Finland serves as the public administration unit of Metsähallitus and it is responsible for the management of nature reserves, provision of hiking services and game and fisheries supervision.

Metsähallitus employs more than 1,200 professionals in 42 locations in different parts of Finland.

Metsähallitus organisation


Land and water areas managed by Metsähallitus

Metsähallitus has a total of 12,548,000 hectares under its management (9,130,000 hectares of land and 3,417,000 hectares of water areas).

Land and water areas managed by Metsähallitus


Land and water areas managed by Metsähallitus

Photo: Jari Salonen