Key figures


Key figures for business operations
Turnover, EUR million 319
Operating profit, EUR million 117.2
Impact of general social obligations on operating profit, EUR million -55.8
Share of turnover, % 37
Result, EUR million 107.1
Dividend and return on investment (contribution to state revenue), EUR million 93
Return on investment, % 4.2
Investments of turnover, % 5
Equity ratio, % 97

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Number of employees
Number of employees 1,224

of whom fixed-term 127
Employees by unit and subsidiary

Metsätalous Oy 558

Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd 501

Service Centre 46

Group business units 58

Metsähallitus Property Development 45

Siemen Forelia Oy 14

MH-Kivi Oy 2

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Land and water areas

Land and water areas managed by Metsähallitus, ha 12,548,000

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Sustainable use of forests

PEFC-certified multiple-use forests
Total area of multiple-use forests, ha 4,905,000

of which forest land, ha 3,500,000

of which low-productivity land, ha 715,000

of which non-productive land, ha 691,000

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Nature conservation

Protection of species and habitats
Habitat restoration and ecological management areas, ha 5,746
Monitoring of the status of species protected under EU directives and the most vulnerable species, number of species occurrence checks 6,409

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Cultural heritage

Real property with cultural history value
Sites protected by law

Buildings and structures 442

Antiquities 6,120

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Wellbeing and health

Recreation in nature
Customer satisfaction with visitor centres and field services, on a scale of 1–5 4.3
Total number of visitors (national parks, state-owned hiking areas, historical sites, visitor centres and other popular destinations) 5,948,500

Visits to national parks 3,104,700

Visits to state-owned hiking areas 237,900

Visits to historical sites 730,800

Visits to visitor centres 1,198,900

Visits to other popular destinations 676,200

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