Leading the way in diverse bioeconomy

Metsähallitus renewed its strategy in autumn 2016. The motto ‘Leading the way in diverse bioeconomy´ will serve as the guiding principle for Metsähallitus until 2020.

  • we guarantee the best possible sustainable return on state-owned land over generations
  • we enhance the vitality of regions
  • we lead the way in responsible operations and halt the loss of biodiversity on state-owned land and water areas
  • we operate uniformly and efficiently, making use of the opportunities opened up by digitalisation

Working together to implement the new values

During 2017, Metsähallitus continued the practical implementation of the strategy in cooperation with its personnel in strategy workshops. Care, importance and effectiveness are the new values of Metsähallitus that resulted from this work.

Through our efforts, we are building a legacy for future generations.


We do everything we can to promote the responsible use and management of natural resources as well as biodiversity and cultural heritage. Customers, partners and colleagues are important to us.

We do important work for the good of Finland as a whole, Finnish society and nature. This is a force that helps to bring together many different hopes and goals, even those conflicting with one another.

Our work produces results. These results offer both tangible and intangible benefits, which are sustainably achieved in state-owned land and water areas, passed on from generation to generation.

Towards a more sustainable future

At the end of 2017, Metsähallitus launched a Group-wide project to draw up a responsibility programme aimed at achieving its strategic goals. The purpose of the programme is to determine the areas of responsibility that are central to Metsähallitus and to ensure that responsibility work can be more effective and on a more goal-oriented basis.

The preparation of the responsibility programme is the task of the Metsähallitus responsibility group, in which all units are represented.

Photo: Jari Salonen