Providing employment for thousands of people

Metsähallitus is a manager of large areas of land and a major provider of employment in northern and eastern Finland and its activities have significant impacts on the economies of these regions. In accordance with its general social obligations, Metsähallitus gives high priority to providing employment opportunities.

Metsähallitus has extensive operations in the regions

In 2017, Metsähallitus employed more than 1,200 people in 42 locations. Almost 90 per cent of the staff members worked outside the Helsinki region.

Metsähallitus personnel in 2017

Number of employees in the head office 156
Number of employees outside the head office 1,068
Offices with the highest number of employees

Rovaniemi 121

Oulu 71

Jyväskylä 36

Ivalo 28

Kuopio 28


Promoting entrepreneurship

By purchasing services from private operators, Metsähallitus supports entrepreneurship, especially in small municipalities. Metsähallitus purchases all timber harvesting work and timber transport as well as a large proportion of the forest management and forest improvement work from private entrepreneurs.

When purchasing contracted services, Metsähallitus observes the legislation on public procurement. Promoting healthy competition and equal and non-discriminatory treatment of entrepreneurs are the key principles in the legislation.

In 2017, Metsähallitus had contracts with about 400 forestry entrepreneurs employing about 2,000 persons. Tourist and recreational use of nature reserves and hiking areas also provided employment for entrepreneurs in visitor services and maintenance. More services at the nature sites will be outsourced to local entrepreneurs in the coming years.

Employment impacts of Metsähallitus activities and the number of entrepreneurs and contracts in 2017

Employment impacts, person-years

Forest sector jobs generated by multiple-use forests 5,000

Visits to national parks, state-owned hiking areas and certain other nature reserves and recreational areas 2,582

Hunting and fishing customers 261
Forest sector companies operating as contractors 400
Cooperation agreements with tourism operators in nature reserves 606
Nature tourism contracts in multiple-use forests

Hotels in business districts 29

Camping sites 12

Other tourist sites 97

Ski tracks and hiking trails 289

Snowmobile tracks 100


Photo: Keijo Kallunki