Right to good management

Metsähallitus updated its personnel policy in 2017 in accordance with its new strategy.

The key policy areas are

  • good personnel management
  • fairness
  • non-discrimination
  • adherence to sustainable ethical principles.

At all stages of its employment relationships, Metsähallitus adheres to the requirements of equality and non-discrimination and, in the treatment of its employees, observes all requirements laid down in the law and in the principles of ethically sustainable management and supervisory work. The implementation of the equality and non-discrimination plans as well as the development priorities in them are reviewed each year in the cooperation committee.

Harassment and other inappropriate behaviour are dealt with and, if necessary, the multiprofessional operating model prepared for exceptional situations is applied for the purpose. Metsähallitus is a participant in the Häirinnästä vapaa (harassment free) campaign launched in 2017.

Employees feel that their work has a purpose

Metsähallitus monitors the job satisfaction of its staff members and development priorities in the workplace community by conducting a personnel survey each year. In 2017, 69 per cent of all employees (788 persons) took part in the survey.

Employees feel that their work at Metsähallitus is important and the staff members are highly committed. The personnel also give good marks on equality, team spirit and occupational safety and health.

The areas where improvements are needed include the opportunities for professional development and the giving of feedback.

The feelings concerning one's own work among staff members are measured in the survey on the basis of a value for which the employees are asked about such matters as work motivation and enthusiasm. In 2017, the value was 3.84 on a scale of 1–5 (2016: 3.86).

Personnel (31 December 2017)

Number of employees 1,224

Permanent, % 90

Fixed-term, % 10
Number of employees

In the head office 156

In other offices 1,068
Gender distribution, %

Metsähallitus Group

Women 30

Men 70

Metsähallitus Board of Directors

Women 50

Men 50

Management Group

Women 45

Men 55
Average age of employees 52
Working days lost due to occupational accidents 209

Development work continued

The cooperation agreement between Metsähallitus and the organisations representing its employees was updated in 2017 in accordance with the operating model and organisation laid down in the new act on Metsähallitus.

Development work at Metsähallitus continued with a review of Group functions and the co-determination negotiations accompanying them. As a result of the negotiations, the functions and employees of the Metsähallitus Service Centre were transferred to Group units. At the same time, the responsibilities between Group units were clarified. Ten employees were given notice as a result of the reorganisation.

The co-determination negotiations on the employment of loggers during winter months also took place in autumn 2017. Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd decided to lay off most its loggers for the winter months, when logging work is particularly difficult. Metsähallitus has convened a working group to seek new innovative solutions for wintertime employment of loggers. The working group will meet for the first time in spring 2018.

Photo: Jari Salonen