Experiences in nature for all on an equal basis

Millions of people use the recreational services provided by Metsähallitus every year. The aim is to produce and provide experiences in nature for everybody on an equal basis.

The more than 1,200 professionals working at Metsähallitus are key to our success. The people at Metsähallitus work to ensure that Finland's natural resources are managed and used in a responsible manner and the biodiversity of Finnish nature and the Finnish cultural heritage can be safeguarded. Customers, partners and colleagues are important to the people working at Metsähallitus.

Everybody has the right to enjoy the wonders of nature

Metsähallitus maintains dozens of easy-to-access hiking areas that are also suited for people with mobility aids and people seeking easy trails.

In the construction of accessible trails, Metsähallitus uses the recommendations given by such organisations as the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities. Almost all visitor centres and other customer service points of Metsähallitus are located in obstacle-free buildings.

Accessibility is a special consideration in the Hossa National Park, which was opened in 2017 to celebrate the centenary of Finnish independence. Hossa has a wide variety of accessible trails and facilities as well as jetties where wheelchair-bound people can fish or get on a boat.

Open online services provided free of charge

Metsähallitus maintains and develops online services for nature lovers. In 2017, there were a total of 3,007,483 visits to the Nationalparks.fi, Eräluvat.fi and the Largecarnivores.fi websites and 4,029,148 visits to the Excursionmap.fi pages.

In 2017, the Excursionmap.fi service was updated and made more comprehensive by adding to it information on the multiple-use forests, historical sites and landscape ecological areas of Metsähallitus (such as ecological corridors connecting nature reserves and small water bodies of particular importance). Up-to-date location details of snowmobile tracks were also added to the service.

Free-of-charge digital services, number of users in 2017

Nationalparks.fi 2,067,366
Eräluvat.fi 727,117
Largecarnivores.fi 213,000
Excursionmap.fi 4,029,148

Competence and wellbeing of the personnel is important

The personnel policy of Metsähallitus is based on jointly approved values – care, importance and effectiveness. Work capacity of individual employees, competence development, job satisfaction and occupational safety and health are supported and the smooth functioning of the workplace communities at Metsähallitus and its units is ensured.

Staff training at Metsähallitus in 2017

Training, working days 2,836
Training, days/person-year 2


Photo: Elias Lahtinen