Responsibility in Metsähallitus

In Metsähallitus, responsibility is part of management practices and part of daily work. For almost 160 years, Metsähallitus has been responsible for the management and use of Finland's state-owned land and water areas. The national resources managed by Metsähallitus are important for preserving the vitality of the regions, biodiversity and cultural heritage, as well as for providing the public with recreational opportunities. Metsähallitus can only justify its existence by optimum reconciliation of stakeholders’ needs and by applying best practices.

Responsibility programme launched

In November 2017, Metsähallitus management decided to launch a responsibility programme for Metsähallitus. The purpose of the programme is to clarify responsibility objectives and indicators, and to incorporate responsibility more effectively into processes and the tasks of each Metsähallitus employee. The responsibility programme supports Metsähallitus in its strategy work and provides a basis for developing responsible practices. Metsähallitus is also working on a compliance programme laying out its Code of Conduct and the instructions on how to apply the recommendations laid out in the code.

At the end of 2017, a responsibility group in which all units are represented was established in Metsähallitus. Its task is to prepare a road map for the responsibility programme during spring 2018. Coordination of the responsibility work is the task of Metsähallitus’ Director of Communications who is also a member of the Management Group. The responsibility group serves as the responsibility expert and development team and works in cooperation with Metsähallitus’ environmental group. The Director General and the Management Group of Metsähallitus are responsible for the strategic management aspects of responsibility. 

Metsähallitus joined the FIBS corporate responsibility and biodiversity networks at the end of 2017.

A materiality analysis was carried out to identify the key responsibility themes

Metsähallitus carried out a materiality analysis to identify the key themes for responsibility from the perspective of its stakeholders. The 2017 stakeholder surveys, expertise of the responsibility group and the views of the management were all used in the work. The responsibility group consists of experts from various units within Metsähallitus. The responsibility experts for consulting company KPMG provided external coaching for the process.

The materiality analysis identified almost one hundred responsibility themes suitable for Metsähallitus. They were used to create a view of the most significant topics, and the number of responsibility themes was ultimately reduced to 23 key themes. An assessment was made for the importance of each theme to the fourteen key stakeholders, as well as an assessment of the impact of Metsähallitus on responsibility through these themes.

The nature of Metsähallitus’ operations includes a wide variety of statutory and non-statutory responsibility themes. Key themes may support each other, be partly overlapping, or they may be part of a larger responsibility theme in the materiality analysis. This is due to the different types of emphasis and points of view of stakeholders and also to statutory responsibility themes which characterise Metsähallitus’ operations.

Identifying, monitoring and updating the themes in the materiality analysis is an ongoing process. Metsähallitus can utilise the materiality analysis in the assessment of potential for responsibility and risks related to responsibility, for reporting on responsibility and for identifying future trends. In addition to the selection of 23 of the most crucial themes, the process identified several themes which are being monitored to support responsible operations.

Materiality matrix


Sustainable development goals of the United Nations

Metsähallitus is committed to promoting the sustainable development goals of the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda. During spring 2018, Metsähallitus has, as part of the responsibility group's work, identified the sustainability development goals essential for its own activities and its stakeholders. The goals and their details will be published at Metsähallitus’ website in September 2018.

Sustainable development goals of the United Nations


 Photo: Jari Salonen