Management principles

Metsähallitus is managed and developed as a single organisation in accordance with its general task and taking into consideration the legislation on Metsähallitus and the special role of the public administration services.

The Board of Directors serves as the supreme body of Metsähallitus and it is responsible for the administration and strategic management of Metsähallitus and the proper organisation of its operations.

The Managing Director who is appointed by the Government and who carries the title Director General, is responsible for the management and development of Metsähallitus’ activities and for implementing the decisions of the Board of Directors. The Managing Director is also responsible for the operational management of Metsähallitus and for ensuring that the accounts are in accordance with the law and that the financial management is reliably organised.

The public administration services unit of Metsähallitus is the responsibility of Director, Parks & Wildlife Finland. The public administration services concerning fishing, hunting and wilderness supervision coming under the public administration services unit are the responsibility of Director, Wildlife Service Finland.

Most of the matters submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration are prepared in the Management Group, which assists the Director General and considers the matters assigned to it by the Director General. The Director General chairs the Management Group and decides on its composition.

Internal audit
The focus in Metsähallitus’ internal audit operations shifted to outsourced services at the start of 2018. The planning, outsourcing and monitoring of the audit operations are the responsibility of the Head of Risk Management who is supported by the Audit Committee of the Metsähallitus Board of Directors.

Local-level operations and cooperation were strengthened

In 2017, Metsähallitus strengthened regional operations and cooperation by establishing regional management groups in Lapland, Ostrobothnia–Kainuu and Southern Finland.

The task of the regional management groups is to ensure the overall interests and synergy of Metsähallitus and to manage contacts between units. The management groups also formulate the views of Metsähallitus and ensure that the regional perspective is considered in the opinions issued by Metsähallitus. Regional management groups report to the Metsähallitus Management Group and the management groups of individual business units.

Local-level operations and cooperation were strengthened


Photo: Jari Salonen