Management Group

The Management Group assists the Director General in managing the unincorporated state enterprise. The Management Group comprises the following members assigned by the Director General: directors of the business units, director of the public administration services unit and the directors of the Group business units.

From the left:

Terhi Vires
Director of Human Resources, from 1 February 2017

Anna-Leena Ruuth
Director of Information Management, from 24 April 2017

Tuomas Hallenberg
Director, Metsähallitus Property Development

Tapio Pouta
Director of Development

Jussi Kumpula
Managing Director, Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd

Pentti Hyttinen
Director General

Timo Tanninen
Director, Parks & Wildlife Finland

Jukka Bisi
Director, Wildlife Service Finland

Heli Lehtonen
Director of Finance, from 18 December 2017
(Kirsti Lehtovaara, Director of Finance, until 19 May 2017; Sirpa Skytt, acting Director of Finance, 20 May –17 December 2017)

Susanna Oikarinen
General Counsel

Terhi Koipijärvi
Director of Communications, from 1 September 2017
(Juha Mäkinen, Director of Communications, until 31 March 2017; Kristiina Vuopala, acting Director of Communications, 1 April – 31 August 2017).

Photo: Olli-Pekka Orpo