Board of Directors

The Government appoints a Board of Directors for the unincorporated state enterprise for a maximum term of three years. One Board member must be from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, one from the Ministry of the Environment and one from Lapland. One Board member must represent the personnel of the unincorporated state enterprise and be employed by it.

The current Metsähallitus Board of Directors has been appointed by the Government for the term 1 June 2016 – 31 March 2019.

Metsähallitus Board of Directors (from the left) Pertti Itkonen, Johanna Ikäheimo, Liisa Tyrväinen, Helena Säteri, Timo Laitinen, Kai Kaatra, Tuija Soanjärvi and Simo Rundgren.

Timo Laitinen
Director General, State Treasury
Chairman of the Board, Hansel Oy
Chairman of the Board, Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS
Board member since 2016

Kai Kaatra
Vice Chair
Director of Water Resources Management, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Board member since 2014

Johanna Ikäheimo
Chairman, Lappset Group Ltd
Member of the Board, Finnish Family Firms Association
Member of the Board, Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company,
Chairman of FEPI – Federation of the European Play Industry
Chairman of the Advisory Council of Lapland University Consortium
Board member since 2016

Pertti Itkonen
Metsähallitus personnel representative
Development Manager, Metsähallitus
Academic Foresters of Metsähallitus
Board member since 2015

Simo Rundgren
Representative of the regions
Board member since 2016

Tuija Soanjärvi
M.Sc. (Econ.)
Board member and Chair of the Audit Committee, Basware Oyj
Board member, Nixu Plc
Board member, Silta Ltd
Board member and member of the Audit Committee, VR Group Ltd
Board Chair, the Finnish Orienteering Federation
Board member since 2011

Helena Säteri
Director General, Ministry of the Environment
Board member since 2015

Liisa Tyrväinen
Research Professor, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
Board member since 2016

Photo: Olli-Pekka Orpo